Sunday, August 9, 2009

The End of Gluten-Free

After six months of diligently avoiding all gluten, I've decided that my gluten-free journey has come to an end. To be perfectly honest, I don't think the gluten-free diet has had any direct effect on controlling the RA. I've been experimentally eating gluten again for about three weeks and I'm still feeling fine. Since I have so many other health-related issues (and eating gluten-free is a lot of work) I decided not to do it anymore.

But I did learn a lot from my gluten-free experience. It taught me to pay attention to all the food I put in my body. As a result, we have adopted much healthier general eating habits. Being gluten-free also helped me adjust my attitude in order to make the major life changes that have been necessary to adapting to living with RA. The other blog was also a fabulous project for keeping me sane while I was out of school!

For anyone who still is gluten-free, hopefully Gluten-Free From A to Z can still serve as a database when it comes to purchasing gluten-free products.

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