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March 2019: Brain Fog and RA - What Do Researchers Know?
While "brain fog" isn't a medical term, I've heard anecdotally that many people living with RA have experienced it themselves....As it turns out, there has been some research on this subject. 

February 2019: Could a Mummy Hold The Key to an Arthritis Cure?
Scientists are studying a mummy that was discovered in a convent in the town of Guano, Ecuador. They believe that further examination of it could uncover a missing link that allows scientists to better understand the origin and natural history of RA. 

A group of researchers has found that one of the hundreds of components in scorpion venom can reduce the severity of RA in animal models.

New recommendations cover pre-conception assessment, pregnancy-compatible medications, breastfeeding, and contraception for rheumatology patients.

New guidelines have been drafted for the treatment of JIA, specifically addressing therapeutic approaches for non-systemic polyarthritis, sacroiilitis, and enthesitis. 

The pros and cons of HCQ dosing guidelines to limit potential eye toxicity were explored at this year's ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

Findings from the first study to incorporate a meta-analysis on TNFi dose adjustment in an axSpA population.

Seropositivity was strongly associated with ILD risk in this large prospective cohort study. 

British researchers quantified the burden of continuing weight gain on the risk of PsA. 

Be alert for the development of uveitis in older patients with gout, especially those who have multiple comorbidities.

Moderate physical activity improved function and quality of life but failed to have the expected impact on pain. 

August 2018: Can the Mediterranean Diet Ward Off Rheumatoid Arthritis? - on Rheumatology Network
This dietary pattern has already been shown to reduce overall mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Do the benefits extend to RA?

August 2018: Obesity, Hypertension, and Diuretic Use Double the Risk of Gout - on Rheumatology Network
Identifying populations at risk may provide opportunities for primary prevention.  

July 2018: Two Early Life Risk Factors for Hip Osteoarthritis - on Rheumatology Network
Two newly identified factors may raise the lifetime risk of symptomatic OA that requires total hip arthroplasty.

June 2018: Serum Urate, Ethnicity, and Hypertension as Predictors of Gout Risk
Hyperuricemia remains the leading risk factor, but the runners-up may surprise you.

February 2018: New Study Finds No Link Between Rainfall and Joint Pain - What Do You Think? - on
This study seems to debunk the commonly held belief that there's a link between weather and arthritis pain.

January 2018: Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Cure RA? - on
A recent study from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California has determined that old world monkeys could be key to a new, powerful RA therapy.

January 2018: Treatment Targets Show Promise in Psoriatic Arthritis and RA - on Rheumatology Network
A look at the role of the C5a-C5aR axis in the onset of inflammation.

January 2018: New Criteria for Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies - on Rheumatology Network
Recently published EULAR/ACR classification criteria generally perform better than previous criteria.

No differences observed in patellofemoral joints of asymptomatic patients and those with pain. 

January 2018: For Previous Cancer Patients, Biologics Don't Increase Risk - on 
For those with RA, new research has demonstrated that treatment with biologic medications does not increase the risk of a second cancer malignancy. 

December 2017: FDA Approves First Drug for Eosinophilic Granulomatosis With Polyangiitis - on Rheumatology Network
Mepolizumab gets the nod for the reare disease formerly known as Churg-Strauss syndrome.

December 2017: Rain Not To Blame for Joint and Back Pain - on Rheumatology Network
A commonly held belief has been debunked.  
December 2017: FDA Safety Alert for Product Marketed for OA - on Rheumatology Network
Limbrel capsules linked to potentially life-threatening health problems.

December 2017: New Therapeutic Tool for Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis - on Rheumatology Network
The aim of this study: to determine which patients need biologic therapy after starting methotrexate. 

December 2017: Treatment Target Shows Promise in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - on Rheumatology Network
The goal: to find a treatment target that protects against early damage accrual.

December 2017: Sex Differences in Lupus Mortality - on Rheumatology Network
What underlies the disparity in life expectancy between men and women with SLE?

November 2017: Digital Coaching Enhances Rheumatoid Arthritis Outcomes - on Rheumatology Network
This tool may be used to reduce stressors, improve well-being, and decrease symptoms. 

November 2017: New Pain Management Strategies Spelled Out - on Rheumatology Network
National initiatives are designed to provide education, advance research, solve the opioid crisis, and help patients.

November 2017: Break From Methotrexate Boosts Flu Shot Efficacy in RA - on Rheumatology Network
With a drug holiday, patients with rheumatoid arthritis could improve their response to influenza vaccinations without increasing disease activity.

November 2017: In RA, No Added Second Malignancy Risk With Biologics - on Rheumatology Network
Some physicians have shown reluctance to use these agents for patients who have rheumatoid arthritis and a previous cancer diagnosis. 

November 2017: How Cannabis Might Treat Rheumatic Diseases - on Rheumatology Network
The role of legalized marijuana in society and evidence-based medicine was examined at the ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

November 2017: Biologic Use in Pregnancy Does Not Increase Infant Infection Risk - on Rheumatology Network
New evidence is reassuring for women with rheumatoid arthritis who need treatment with a biologic throughout pregnancy.

November 2017: Fitness Interventions for Rheumatologic Fatigue and Pain - on Rheumatology Network
The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting provided a research update on surrounding issues and strategies for helping patients.

November 2017: Biosimilars: To Switch or Not to Switch? - on Rheumatology Network
The pros and cons of using biosimilar medications shaped the "Great Debate" at this year's ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

November 2017: No Gold Standard Biomarker for Lupus Flare Predciction - on Rheumatology Network
A recent systematic review of literature found no validated and widely accepted biomarker.

November 2017: First UK Guidelines for Adults with Lupus - on Rheumatology Network
Up-to-date guidelines were developed to help improve patient outcomes.

October 2017: Gel to Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis? - on
Scientists have developed a potentially therapeutic gel, which could target nitric oxide, absorb excess fluids, and deliver medications directly to affected joints.

October 2017: Use Ultrasound to Rule Out Arthritis - on Rheumatology Network
This modality may enhance the diagnostic workup of patients with early arthralgia at risk for inflammatory arthritis.

October 2017: Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk Rises With Working in the Cold - on Rheumatology Network
Exposure to cold environments has been linked to disease development, and new findings may help prevention. 

October 2017: Can Working in A Cold Environment Cause Rheumatoid Arthritis? - on
A recent study from Sweden suggests that people who work in cold environments may face an increased risk of developing RA.

September 2017: Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Connected to BMD - on Rheumatology Network
Low proximal tibial trabecular bone mineral density may play a role in its development.

September 2017: BMD Loss Predicts Joint Damage in Rheumatoid Arthritis - on Rheumatology Network
A decrease in BMD just 3 months after diagnosis may independently predict radiologic damage at 1 year.

September 2017: Anti-inflammatory Therapy for Atherosclerotic Disease - on Rheumatology Network
Canakinumab lowers CRP level and may significantly lower the incidence of recurrent cardiovascular events.

September 207: Vaccine May Prevent Shingles in Rheumatoid Arthritis- on Rheumatology Network The live varicella-zoster vaccine may be effective in patients with RA who are starting treatment with tofacitinib. 

August 2017: Pregnancy Genes May Help Rheumatoid Arthritis - on Rheumatology Network
Type I interferons have a potential role in disease activity modulation in pregnant women.

For 2 anabolic agents used to treat patients with osteoporosis, the incremental costs of additional quality adjusted life-years (QALYs) gained would exceed the commonly cited willingness-to-pay threshold. 

Initiation and switching of bDMARDs in recent years has contributed to markedly increased remission rates.

Lower disease activity may be associated with higher intake of fish as a whole food.

July 2017: Can Eating Fish Reduce RA Disease Activity - on
Recently, a new study about RA and fish consumption caught my eye. While the results are promising, a randomized controlled trial would be required to provide firm evidence that greater fish consumption lowers RA disease activity. 

Used with or separate from traditional measures, this tool can obtain a fast assessment of remission.

With adequate risk stratification in a reanalysis of PROMPT data, the preventative benefits of methotrexate became apparent.

October 2016: My BioExperience - Touring the Lab Where Remicade is Made - on
The science behind developing new biologic medications.  

July 2016: New Study Shows Vagus Nerve Stimulation May Reduce RA Symptoms - on
A new study has led to promising potential for treating RA through electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve.  

June 2016: Could An Electrical Implant in Your Brain Help With Chronic Pain? - on
Results of a new study have allowed scientists to confirm that electrical stimulation of a particular area of the brain can work as a painkiller.

February 2016: The Importance of Patient-Centered Research - on
Dr. Horonjeff's message to patients was that your voice is powerful and you can make a big difference in the way research proceeds.

June 2015: Australian Researchers Develop a Breakthrough RA Treatment - on and
Researchers in Australia recently announced that they have developed a breakthrough new treatment option for RA - the world's first vaccine-style approach to treating RA.     

March 2015: A "Miracle Cure" With Scientific Promise? - on
Hookworms to treat autoimmune diseases?! As disgusting as it sounds there's some method to this madness.

September 2014: New Study Brings Hope: Scientists Discover How To "Switch Off" Autoimmune Diseases - on 
Scientists have made an important breakthrough in the fight against debilitating autoimmune diseases by revealing how to stop immune system cells from attacking healthy body tissues.  

April 2014: Research for a Cure: Update from the National Institute of Health - on
An update on the current research being performed by the National Institute of Health and the National Institute on Arthritis and Musculoskelatal and Skin Diseases to search for treatments and a cure for arthritis.  

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