This page contains a list of features where I have been interviewed or quoted, with the most recent article at the top.

October 2023: "Mariah Zebrowski Leach on How Support Soothes Her Rheumatoid Arthritis," Accessible Journeys Magazine 

April 2022: "Digital Medicine Society Launches digital endpoint toolkit," 

September 2021: "Lupus & Pregnancy - Conversations for Primary Care Providers to have with Patients," ACR Lupus Initiative

September 2021: "Hickenlooper, state lawmakers take part in national tour on health care" The Gazette

March 2021: "Colorado Lawmakers Debate Bill Surrounding Prescription Drug Prices" CBS4 News

March 2021: "4 Women Get Real About Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis," Women's Health

January 2021: "Reproductive Health, Beyond the Guidelines: Rheumatologists Must Think About Patients' Psychosocial Needs" The Rheumatologist

January 2021: "Tips for Parenting with Rheumatoid Arthritis," WebMD

December 2020: "Rheumatoid Arthritis and Sex: Tips to Improve Intimacy," WebMD

June 2020: "Why It's So Crucial To Stay Active with Rheumatoid Arthritis," Women's Health

June 2020: "12 Years of Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Has Taught Me Invaluable Life Lessons," Woman's Day

May 2020: "Raising Kids When You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis," HealthCentral

November 2018: "What it's like to live with painful arthritis when you're young," Yahoo! Lifestyle

November 2018: "The struggles of being a mom with painful arthritis," Yahoo! Lifestyle

August 2018: "Voices: How has a loved one supported you?" Arthritis Today

October 2017: "Ten Rheumatoid Arthritis Advocates You Should Follow," HealthCentral

October 2017: "This Is What Rheumatoid Arthritis Looks Like," Healthline

September 2017: "Janssen Announces HealtheVoices Impact Fund Recipients," Markets Insider

July 2017: "INvisible Project: Rheumatoid Arthritis / Rheumatoid Disease," U.S. Pain Foundation

July 2017: "INvisible project: RA/RD Edition Released," U.S. Pain Foundation

July 2017: "We Asked Women with RA to Review the Vibrator from Netflix's 'Grace and Frankie' - This is What They Said," Healthline 

July 2017: "Voices: Are You A Self-Care Slacker?," Arthritis Today

June 2017: "Sex Lives Often Derailed by Chronic Pain and It's Treatments," PainMedicineNews

March 2017: "Voices of Value - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Mariah's Story," Patients Rising 

March 2017: "Voices of Value - Rheumatoid Arthritis - Patient Access To Care," Patients Rising 

March 2017: "Voices of Value - Rheumatoid Arthritis - The Patient Voice," Patients Rising

March 2017: "Treatment Decisions Should Be Made By Doctors & Patients, Not Insurance Companies," Cybermed News

March 2017: "10 Tips for Building Online Health Community Presence," WEGO Health

February 2017: "A Day Without Her," Healthline 

January 2017: "Patients Rising Voices of Value: Mariah Leach," A Woman's Health (online) and Women magazine (print)

December 2016: "Best Rheumatoid Arthritis Reads of the Year," Everyday Health

December 2016: "Patient Advocates on Twitter," Listly by Marie Ennis-O'Connor, Social Media Consultant

December 2016: "Invisible symptoms impact rheumatoid arthritis patients' lives, hinder diagnosis," EurekAlert!

November 2016: "A Profile of Mariah Leach: Mom, Blogger, Bicyclist," HealthCentral

July 2016: "Colorado Resident To Be Honored At The California Coast Classic Bike Tour," Elevation Outdoors

June 2016: "Managing Your Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Big Picture," HealthCentral

June 2016: "Make health care treatments affordable," The Daily Camera

June 2016: "Letter: Research, affordable options needed to treat chronic diseases," The Colorado Statesman

February 2016: "How we make every day easier - Taking care of the kids," HealthMonitor Guide to RA

November 2015: "Joint Decisions: Empowering People With Rheumatoid Arthritis," HealthCentral

July 2015: "Specialty Pharmacies Proliferate, Along With Questions," The New York Times

May 2015: "New national study finds autoimmune disease severely impacts quality of life and employment," Medical News Today

March 2015: "Biologics are revolutionizing care for some diseases, but they are very costly," Washington Post

March 2015: "Generic Biologics? After FDA Approves First Biosimilar Drug, Education, Clearer Policies Needed, Experts Say," International Business Times

March 2015: "Cheaper generic biotech drugs loom as 'biosimilars' law advances in Colorado Legislature," Denver Business Journal

March 2015: “FDA approves knockoff of Amgen’s Neupogen chemo recovery drug,” LA Times

March 2015: “’Biosimilar’ drugs could save patients, USA billions,” USA Today

February 2015: “State Lawmakers Consider Allowing New, Less Expensive Pharmaceuticals,” CBS Denver 

July 2014: “Rheumatologists May Help Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Overcome Obstacles to Sex,” The Rheumatologist

August 2013: "Keeping RA Off Your Wedding Guest List," Everyday Health

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