Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Years of Going Forward

Yesterday, APL and I were in Rocky Mountain National Park, relaxing and enjoying the golden aspens and the elk, the same thing we've done on the last weekend in September for the past two years

Yesterday was also the two year anniversary of my very first blog post. Over the past two years I have written 244 posts on this blog. This one is 245.

It's interesting to look back over the ups and downs I've had since getting diagnosed with RA and starting this blog. In some ways I'm still the same crazy over-achieving driven person (I just got a letter from the law school saying I made the Dean's List last semester.) But in other ways I've changed a lot (I move a lot slower and do a lot fewer things, but for the most part I'm ok with it).

I may be going slowly, but at least I'm still going forward, one day at a time. From this point. Forward.


A said...

TWO years? I can't believe it! It seems like forever (look at all that's happened!) and yet it feels like I was just reading your first post yesterday.

"And! I'm going to be 40!"

Name the movie. It is my life.

Love you!

Mirela said...

Thanks for making blog entries for 2 years! I had thoughts about starting one myself, but Mariah you are doing such a good job at it that for now I can put that off. So many times I felt sick and I just had to open your blog and you had an entry that would describe to a tee how I felt...The latest example of that is your "Holy Mongolian Fire Oil" entry. Something similar to your story happened to me just the day before I read your post. I looked around the room to see if you are not hiding somewhere watching me. I love learning how you cope with life with RA, and I love, love the fact that you always come up with a solution (your introspective skills are incredible). Thanks!!
Congrats also on your professional accomplishments!