Friday, April 1, 2011

My Awesome Boss

My boss started out as one of my law professors, but has grown to be a mentor and a friend (he's even coming to my wedding!) I was working for him when I first got diagnosed with RA, and since I had such a difficult time adjusting to my new diagnosis, I had no choice at the time but to be completely honest with him about it. Since then we have often frankly discussed my condition and its limitations. And today my honesty totally paid off. 

We were supposed to drive together to a meeting in Fort Collins today, a two hour round trip. However, it turns out my boss isn't feeling very well and thinks he might be coming down with the flu. He is still well enough to go to the meeting, but he decided that he didn't think it was safe for me (and my compromised immune system) to spend two hours in the car with him today. So he's going without me. And I really appreciate his consideration. 

I certainly wouldn't want to be treated like an invalid, but on the other hand it is really nice to have someone recognize the difficulties RA causes for me and do their best to help me - or at least to not make it worse.


Anonymous said...

That is so great! It's nice to not be treated like you're incapable of the simplest task, but yet to still consider how you would be affected by the situation. It sounds like your boss is just fantastic!

Mirela said...

You're very lucky to work for someone so considerate. I wish I could say the same about students that come in for office hour help with full-blown colds and flus. I had to send one away just this week, because he came in coughing and sneezing. I asked "are you sick or do you have an allergy?". After he answered that he was "sick", I gave him a long lecture on how his cold could hospitalize someone with an immune compromised system (like ME). After experiencing a month-long flu this winter, I dream that "bubble"-living would be possible.

Anonymous said...

This kind hearted compassionate person is a hero for the day. Others should be so kind to those of us who must navigate life a little differently. Hugs. Tammy

~Mariah~ said...

MELISSA: Like any boss he can be a pain some of the time - but at least we understand each other!!

MIRELA: Sounds like you need a lysol supersoaker!!

TAMMY: I think that's a really nice way to think about it - we're just navigating a little differently. ~;o)