Friday, February 3, 2012

Physical Therapy

It's snowing just a little bit in Boulder today. The picture is of the snow that has accumulated on the fence in my back patio since last night - I would say it is almost a foot. And it doesn't look like it is planning to slow down any time soon.

So, after looking out the window, I guess I wasn't too surprised to find a voicemail on my phone letting me know that my physical therapy appointment for today had been cancelled. What did actually surprise me was how that message made me feel: slightly disappointed, actually. Which is a really good thing - because it means I actually like this physical therapist and I actually think it's helping.

After my last less than stellar physical therapy experience, I have to admit I was pretty reluctant to waste my time and effort (and money) trying it again. But the pain in my back wasn't getting a lot better, and my belly certainly isn't getting any smaller, and I can't exactly just take a handful of Advil and hope the pain goes away. So last time I saw my OB I bit the bullet and asked her for a recommendation for PT. 

And I am ever so glad I did. She recommended a rehabilitation center associated with a branch of the same hospital where I will give birth - and they actually have PTs who specialize in prenatal therapy. (And postnatal therapy, which may also turn out to be super useful). SCORE. So I've been seeing this new PT for two weeks now. This morning, when I was actually disappointed that my appointment was canceled, I realized that this PT is actually helping

This PT has been focusing more on loosening and strengthening the muscles in my back (as opposed to focusing on the actual SI joint itself). Now that I think about it, the physical manipulation she has been doing and the exercises I have been doing really do seem to be helping the pain in my back - especially since I am now showing a whole lot more than when I was seeing the previous PT. Plus she is super nice and willing to answer all of my questions and she is full of good suggestions. For example, on Wednesday she pointed out that the pregnancy is causing me to stand with my pelvis tipped forward, which is putting extra strain on my back. And, when I thought about how I have been "naturally" standing recently I realized she was right (which is probably how I was standing during the three hour visit to Babies 'R Us last weekend, which explains the extra pain I was in this weekend). So of course she showed me how to correct that.

In any event, though I am disappointed not to have her help today (and a little nervous that I will have to until next Wednesday to see her again) I am really glad I had the realization that it this PT is actually helping. That makes me feel good. Because it did take a lot of effort on my part to start over and try again with a new PT. But, as it turns out, with a trustworthy recommendation and someone who actually specializes in my issues, it was totally worth the effort.

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