Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please Pee In This Hat. Again.

TMI Warning: This post contains details about pregnancy that you may consider to be too much information. Don't say I didn't warn you!

In January, the OBs did a baseline test on me for preeclampsia. And, now that I'm finally in my third trimester, it's time to see how my current results compare to the ones they found back then. So that means its Round 2 of "please pee in this hat and collect 24-hours worth of urine in this jug!"

Luckily, I'm feeling (more or less) fine and I don't seem to be exhibiting any of the other symptoms of preeclampsia - as far as I can tell the test is just a precaution. So I'm staying home today, taking it easy, resting my hips, and peeing in the hat. Tomorrow I will drop off my jug-o-pee at the lab and get some bloodwork done.

Oh, the joys of being pregnant!!


Stephanie Kay said...

In all my years of being pregnant and having pregnant friends I've never heard of this test. And I've had several friends who did have pre eclampsia. Happy peeing! :)

Helen said...

Ah,the 24 hour urine test! One of the least fun urine tests (I have a vivid memory of jostling down the Toronto subway line with 2 big jugs of pee in a bag). Good luck with it - and I hope you also find some answers for the joint pain you're having. You're getting close now! :)

~Mariah~ said...

STEPHANIE: It's a pretty standard test to measure the amount of protein in your urine, which is related to preclampsia. But maybe if you have other obvious preclampsia symptoms this test isn't necessary?

HELEN: The subway?!? Oh no! Ok - I am grateful I at least got to drive myself to the lab with two big jugs of pee in a bag. ~;o)