Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The RA "F" Word

I knew on Saturday. We were in the car when I felt a small twinge of pain in the joint on my right thumb. Though I didn't want it to be true, somehow I knew immediately that it wasn't an isolated, random pain. 

And, unfortunately, I was right. By the end of that evening both joints in that thumb hurt. By the next day the left thumb hurt too. Then the other joints on both my hands became inflamed. And now the pain has begun to travel into my wrists. It's the RA "F" Word: a flare.

It was in March when I got prednisone injections in both of my hands to keep my RA at bay. At the time my rheumatologist told me the relief from the injections would last two to three months, so I guess I ought to feel lucky that I made it four. 

Now I suppose there's nothing left to do but wait a few more days so that I can determine whether this flare is contained to my hands or whether other parts of my body will be affected as well. Then I guess I will make an appointment with my rheumatolgist and decide what to do next. Because I need to stay as pain-free and functional as possible - not only for my sake but also for my sweet baby boy.

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