Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Feeling Special (Yet Again)

After researching, investigating, and endlessly discussing, APL and I finally determined that we had the best health insurance that was available to us for the time being. Despite the open enrollment period, we decided to stick with the health insurance plan that we already had. So we didn't change anything at all. The enrollment period just ended and the new plan year started on October 1st. 

Unfortunately, I have just been informed by Aetna Specialty Pharmacy (after 10 minutes on hold obviously) that simply being in a new plan year counts as having "new" health insurance, even though we did not change anything at all. This, of course, means that I need to get a new prior authorization from my doctor to get my Enbrel refill. Why is it that every time I talk to the "Specialty" Pharmacy there seems to be some sort of problem?

I am particularly frustrated about this one because I have been sick, so I put off taking my last dose of Enbrel an extra day to make sure it didn't make my cold worse. But now I am concerned that I won't be able to jump through the hoops in time to get my Enbrel refill in time for next week. This is partially my fault - I didn't realize there was only one dose left in the fridge - but I am frustrated that it never seems to be easy. And that I usually end up dealing with issues like this when I am not feeling that well.

Too bad my insurance forces me to get my Enbrel through this particular pharmacy, otherwise I'd have ditched this place after strike two. By my count we are on about strike six, but I have no choice but to stick with them.

In any event, here is an unrelated and adorable picture of OZL to make everyone feel better! Time to go get him from school!

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mary said...

That picture is great. I can't believe you need to be go through precert again with the same insurance. I use to use Aetna and I agree they were terrible.