Tuesday, February 3, 2015


When I went to the Joint Decisions Empowerment Summit in Boston, I got to meet Britt (also known as Hurt Blogger). In addition to inspiring me with her brave goals at the summit, Britt also encouraged me to get with the times and get on Twitter (My words, not hers! She was extremely kind and encouraging about my complete lack of Twitter knowledge!) 

Over the past two days, Britt has been bravely live-tweeting her #ChronicLife. Tweeting every time she feels pain. Sharing the mental health aspects of her disease. Talking about her medications and the devices she uses. Opening a very honest window into life with a chronic illness. If you haven't checked out this conversation on Twitter, I highly encourage you to do so.

When I was in Boston I was also lucky to have a chance to meet Rachelle (also known as Spoonless Mama). The mom of a toddler living who also happens to have RA herself, Rachelle has decided to take part in Britt's experiment by sharing what it is like to be a #ChronicMom. Starting tomorrow morning, Rachelle is going to be live-tweet about everything that it takes to get through the day as a mom with RA. 

I plan to join her, not to complain or garner sympathy for myself, but to demonstrate the extra challenges of motherhood that come with having a chronic illness. I hope that other parents will join in too, using either #ChronicMom or #ChronicDad. (If you decide to join, please let Rachelle know so she can make a list!) 

Because I am currently flaring with no new medications in sight, it probably won't be pretty. But it will be honest. And (hopefully!) it will also help demonstrate how deep our love for those little boogers really goes!! ~;o)

See you on Twitter tomorrow! Follow me @MariahForward!

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