Monday, July 13, 2015

The Spoon Project

Most of you with RA - and other autoimmune conditions - are probably familiar with The Spoon Theory (and if you aren't already you should check it out!) Basically, the spoon theory is a model used by people with chronic illnesses to describe our every day living experiences - and how much energy it takes us to do little tasks that most people take for granted every day.  

Recently Kirsten (who writes the amazing blog Not Standing Still's Disease) had the brilliant idea to start visually documenting her personal experience with the spoon theory - and how many "spoons" it takes her to get through everyday activities. She has shared some very creative images that give at least a small slice of insight into what it is like to need to be aware of your energy resources all day, every day. So I really want to encourage you to check out The Spoon Project!

In fact, Kirsten's project inspired me to take some photos of my own to visually demonstrate where all my spoons go every day! I may not always have enough spoons, but I certainly give as many as I have - every single day. 

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Leslie said...

This is a great project. And I love your pictures Mariah!