Monday, November 16, 2015

Joint Decisions Empowerment Summit

I think I am finally at least mostly recovered from my very exciting recent trip to California! 

I flew in to San Francisco and my first stop was across the Golden Gate Bridge to beautiful Sausalito - where I was excited to be able to participate in the the second Joint Decisions Empowerment Summit.* It's always wonderful to get to be able to see my fellow RA bloggers in person!

I especially enjoyed the story sharing session, where each blogger chose a song with a lyric that had meaning to them on their RA journey. Those of you who follow me on Instragram already know my choice: "the trick is to keep breathing" by Garbage. When things seem difficult or overwhelming, that's what I always come back to: take a deep breath and figure out how to keep facing forward. Many of the lyrics that the other bloggers chose had similar themes, and it lead to a great discussion of how to really live life with RA. If you have Spotify, you can check out a playlist of all the songs we chose and discussed here

If you aren't already following these other amazing RA bloggers, I encourage you to check out their blogs and connect with them on social media! They are all quite amazing people and I am honored to be able to count them among my friends!

Wren of RheumaBlog
Carla of Carla's Corner
Britt of HurtBlogger
and, of course, RA Guy!

*Janssen Biotech, Inc., paid for my travel expenses for the summit. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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