Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Talk to Your Kids About Having a Chronic Illness

If there’s one word that parents likely hear about 600 times a day it’s this one: why? But while answering the never-ending stream of a kid’s questions is exhausting for anyone, the questions can be more complicated if you are a parent living with a chronic illness.

Why do you have to take that medicine? 
Why are you going to the doctor again?
Why can’t you play with me right now? 
My newest article for Mango Health has five ideas to help you navigate talking to your kids about your illness.

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Rick Phillips said...

I also think it best to explain to kids that we love each other and will always do the best for each of us. I know when my sons were little I explained that to my youngest many times as he grew up. He was concerned something terrible would happen to me because of diabetes.

I know he would see me with a low blood sugar and be very concerned. I needed to let him know many people looked out for me, just like many looked out for him. We battled that for many years. Still, I understood because I had the same feeling about my mom growing up (she also had type 1 diabetes). Somehow knowing many people love us all made things better.