Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Mamas Facing Forward Children's Book Reviews

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of motherhood with chronic illness is helping your children understand what is going on with your body and encouraging acceptance about how your illness may impact them. How can you help them develop empathy about what you're experiencing, especially if your illness is invisible? Where's the line between being honest and making them worry? What's the best way to address their concerns in kid-friendly language? This is a topic that will likely need to be an ongoing discussion in your family - and sometimes reading a book together can help!

Here is a list of every children's book we have reviewed on our site in one place, to make it easier to browse all the options. All of these books could be considered resources for helping kids cope with having a parent with a chronic illness, and often they can be useful even if the specific diagnosis mentioned isn't your own. But please take a look at each individual review to find out if the book will be a good fit for your family!

Review of: Aunt Barby's Invisible, Endless Owie by Barby Ingle & Tim Ingle

Review of: How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear? by Vanessa Bayer

Review of: How Many Marbles Do YOU Have? Helping Children Understand The Limitations of Those With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia by Melinda Malott

Review of: In My Heart - A Book of Feelings by Jo Witek

Review of: Mommy Has To Stay in Bed by Annette Rivlin-Gutman

Review of: Mommy Sayang by Rosana Sullivan

Review of: Mommy's Going to the Hospital by Josie Leon

Review of: Mommy What's Wrong? by Jessica Hensarling

Review of: My Special Butterfly by Kelli Roseta

Review of: Noah the Narwhal - A Tale of Ups and Downs by Judith Klausner

Review of: Ravyn's Doll - How to explain fibromyalgia to your child by Melissa Swanson

Review of: Some Days (board book) by Caitlyn P.W. Jones

Review of: Some Days: A Tale of Love, Ice Cream, and My Mom’s Chronic Illness by Julie A. Stamm

Review of: What Does Super Jonny Do When Mom Gets Sick? by Simone Colwill

Review of: When Mommy is Sick by Ferne Sherkin-Langer

Review of: When Pete's Dad Got Sick by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Review of: Why Does Mommy Hurt? Helping Children Cope with the Challenges of Having a Caregiver with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, or Autoimmune Disease by Elizabeth M Christy

Review of: Wonder Mommy by Jennifer


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