Friday, November 21, 2008

We Led the Ligers to the Village

I feel like my RA blog might be incomplete without my most recent gem of an anxiety dream. It sounds pretty hilarious now, but it really wasn’t when I dreamt it:

APL and I were in the wilderness somewhere – it looked like Africa. For some reason we had to drive somewhere in an open-air jeep. I think I might have also been pregnant? We were given specific instructions on what to do if we met any dangerous wildlife: we were supposed to stop, wait until they lost interest in us, and then slowly back away and give them a really wide berth.

So we were driving along through the wilderness when we rounded a corner to see three enormous animals. They weren’t quite lions and they quite weren’t tigers – they were something in between. I’m going to go with ligers. And they were huge.

For some reason, being so close to these ligers in an open-air jeep with a pregnant me really upset APL. So instead of following the instructions he did a crazy loud U-turn, which alerted all the ligers, and started driving in the other direction as fast as he could. Maybe he was trying to protect me and our unborn (and, according to most of my other anxiety dreams, probably unnamed) baby?

So the ligers started chasing us and they were really fast. We had no protection because we were in an open-air jeep. I was so upset I was hitting APL and trying to reach around his feet to step on the brakes, thinking that we could still get the ligers to leave us alone by following the directions now. But clearly that wasn’t the case. The ligers were chasing us like prey and they were gaining on us. And we were really scared.

APL finally managed to loose the ligers by driving through a village, where the ligers lost interest in us in favor of the less protected villagers. So while APL, me, and our unborn unnamed baby got away from the ligers, we were only able to do it by leading them to eat someone else’s baby.

We led the ligers to the village. And I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.

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