Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ten Things That Make Me Happy Today

1. My afternoon snack. Ants (and ladybugs?) on a log, blackberries, and trail mix. Healthy, gluten-free, and tasty!

2. Even though I still have a headache today and it has been cold and gray all day, I somehow managed to talk myself into going for a swim. I didn’t manage to swim very long and it made me really tired, but at least I went!

3. I got home from swimming before it started to snow again! (On a side note, it looks like this might be quite a storm! There was just thunder and lightning with the snow. What on earth is that about?!? And where’s Lewis Black when you need him?)

4. River. She makes me happy every day.

5. APL. He makes me happy every day too. Lately he’s started to come home from work sometimes to have lunch with me, which is really nice. It makes me feel less lonely during the day.

6. My gluten-free blog. I think we’re actually starting to gain a following beyond friends and family!! I installed a hit counter on the site a day or two ago and it is already past 500 hits! Also, we just got accepted as a Foodbuzz featured publisher which is very cool and will hopefully increase our traffic even more. I’m really glad to see the site doing well because (a) I’d love to be able to help people who are gluten-free and (b) working on the gluten-free blog is a really good project to keep me busy, which helps me feel happier while I'm figuring out how to deal with all the RA stuff.

7. Helping out my friends. I’ve gotten so much pleasure from my gluten-free blog starting to get popular that I wanted to help out my friends who have projects of their own! My cousin, KF makes and sells adorable crochet amigurumi. My friend, KA, makes and sells beautiful handmade cards. And my friend PN sells really pretty jewelry. I’ve put a link to each of their shops in the right-hand column and I hope you will visit them if you are looking for something special!

8. Today I got an email from a college roommate, AL, reminding me about an April Fool’s prank that AJ and I played on her during our sophomore year. It was good to hear from her and the memory really made me smile. It was a really good prank! ~;o)

9. My mom and sister and our friend LD are all coming to visit next week! I am excited to spend time with them and have a house full of people for the week!

10. Little House on the Prairie. Yeah, you heard me right. I was obsessed with the books as a child. I think I read the box set that my mother bought me in second grade at least 20 times – the books are literally falling apart. And when we were in South Dakota I made APL take a 150-mile detour so that we could visit the Ingalls Homestead. But, despite this obsession, I had never seen the TV series. So, APL rented it for me and I have really been enjoying watching it. It’s wholesome and cheesy but it brings back happy memories from my childhood. So, since the snow is falling even harder now, I think I’ll make a cup of tea, turn on the fire, and see what Laura and Mary are up to today…

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A said...

You're watching Little House?? Oh so jealous over here. It makes the Brady Bunch look super progressive, so far as the "big problems" they tackled. Granted, it's all relative. Laura's problems involve Nelly, or having food for the winter. The Bradys wanted to know who could do the most pull-ups.
Are you watching the whole series? I want to know what you think of the how you pictured the characters in the book vs seeing them on screen. Eee! I'm so jealous.