Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bad Hand Day

The Good: Being awarded $27,000 in law school scholarships.

The Bad: Having to attend a scholarship recognition ceremony on a very bad hand pain day. Did you know that there is literally NO polite way to meet people without shaking hands? And of course it is considered good manners to have a firm handshake....

That networking hurt. Literally.


Rebecca said...

Lead with your elbows! Alternatively, I think it's completely appropriate to:
(1) Have a hand guard. I imagine this as either a bodyguard for your hand or a Michael Jackson-esque glove, preferably made of mail (as in armor); OR
(2) Politely refuse to shake hands. You've had a runny nose; swine flu, you know.

Miss you and hope your little hands are feeling better!!

Rebecca said...

Wait, your picture suggested (yet) another solution (besides holding a dead fish up your sleeve): the Judice dress! Perfect for all social occasions, goes easily from day to evening wear!

Please please please take pictures.

A said...

I agree! Feign a cold. Also, whattt??? Congrats on your scholarship, lady! That's incredible!!