Thursday, October 8, 2009

Does Not Compute

RA = massive amounts of joint pain

Sucks a lot, but at least makes sense

Massive amounts of joint pain = complicated treatment

Fair enough.

Complicated treatment = Methotrexate (six or eight pills a week for over a year) + Remicade (infusions tried for six months) + ENBREL (currently once a week injection) + Prednisone (to help with pain while we figure out the rest of it)

Wow. That's a lot of drugs. Not to mention the ones I am on to help with the emotional aspects of all this. Oy.

Prednisone = Inflammation reduction + fat face + 30 pound weight gain


Prednisone + Reduced ability to exercise + 30 pound weight gain = High blood pressure at age 26


High blood pressure at age 26 = Need to take meds to control blood pressure

Like I needed some more meds to add to my crazy cocktail!! But I understand the need.

Meds to control blood pressure = hacking cough

Wait....what? My blood pressure meds are giving me a....hacking cough??



More different A said...

You left off vodka! These lists would be much more fun with vodka!

A said...

I vote no to hacking cough.