Monday, December 7, 2009

Nine Days

It is 10 degrees outside. There is a foot of snow on the ground. My hips and wrist continue to be painful. Nevertheless, I am buried in the depths law library under a mountain of administrative law and energy regulation. I now have only three days to finish learning it all before having to take a 3hour+ exam on Thursday and and then do it all over again on Friday.

But you know what? In nine days APL and I will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary by hopping a plane to Fiji. Followed by almost 3 weeks in Australia.

I can't wait!


Unknown said...

with incentives like that, you can do anything!!! good luck and i miss you!!!

J said...

this is my jealous face. FIJI???

a#1) grad school sucks. period. PhDs, MDs and JDs are all eight kinds of miserable on a day to day basis I've found. At least while we're in school. That being said, we're also the people who are walking out diploma in hand to change the world - literally.

b#2) I know you're uncomfortable, and I'm also pretty familiar with the whole prednisone-makes-you-fat bit (although it made me REALLY bananas which is saying a lot - I ran 6 miles during a major thunderstorm I was so amped). When it comes to loving your body, sometimes it's all you can do to just be thankful for the little things. I am thankful for things like my hair not falling out, the feel of sunshine on my non-scarred face, and yoga to help me relax when I can't work out. I was also very thankful for my very large dress collection which kept me comfortable and cute while my weight shot up and down.

c#3) Mama Gaines the mean physical therapist says "Pain lets you know you're still alive!" A terrible thing to say to your kids growing up, but I have to admit, she is right.

d#4) you're freaking fabulous. Never forget that.

Sylvia Zebrowski said...

Joanna is right. Can't wait til you're here.

Jodi said...


good luck with your exams and have an amazing vacation!!