Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just remembered my other favorite moment from yesterday:

As the nurse was putting the brace on my knee, she asked "are you two boyfriend and girlfriend?" (which is sort of an awkward question to begin with, I think. What if he was my brother? What if, as APL pointed out, we had just met and he was taking me to the doctor because he was trying to "hit that"?)

I think the ordinary response would be "No, we're engaged" or "No, I'm her fiance" or "No, she's my fiance."

But, instead, APL replied: "No, we're fiances."

Can you even use that word in a plural format? If so, may I please immediately change my Facebook relationship status to "Mariah and APL are fiances"? ~;o)

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Rebecca said...

This was worth a good chuckle out in Scranton (where chuckles do not come cheap)!