Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Engagement Photos

Last week, before APL went back to Boulder to start his new job, we also met with a potential wedding photographer in Groveland. Since we probably won't get to be in Groveland too many times over the next year, we are trying to take advantage of our time there to get done what wedding planning we can. The photographer was a really nice guy. We talked to him about our plans and he showed us a bunch of his work. We really liked him and we thought his style would suit what we have in mind for our wedding. 

Then he offered us a  completely free engagement shoot - an awesome opportunity to try working with the photographer at a price we could totally afford! But, I have to admit, I had really mixed feelings about doing the shoot because of how I was feeling that day. I was totally exhausted from law school finals and driving to CA and I absolutely ached everywhere. I had dark circles under my eyes from fatigue. I had yet another cold sore on my lip that still refuses to heal. My face seriously looked like someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat. I also still have quite a bit of prednisone weight gain that I've been hoping to lose before the wedding. And we had no nice clothes or makeup or anything. All in all, I was not at my most confident in front of that camera.

But APL and I decided to do the shoot anyways. We figured if the photographer could get some good pictures of us even with me in a sort of rotten state, he would probably do an awesome job at the wedding. And, if not, we really had nothing to loose. I still felt a little insecure about the whole thing, but APL distracted me in front of the camera and, in the end, we got some awesome and really artistic engagement photos of us. (Side note: I'm not sure why, but I feel a little bit weird about sharing these photos on this blog. I think it's because the photos feel sort of personal to me and I know that some of the people reading this blog are total strangers. But it's not like I've been exactly private on this blog!! I've shared my deepest thoughts and feelings, so I guess I can share a few photographs of me and APL too!)

I also learned a valuable lesson. Again. I need to eat and I need to rest or I will crash. You'd think I'd have that one figured out by now, but I'm still making mistakes with it. I didn't really have a chance to eat much before the photographer arrived and then we talked for an hour and then we went out and posed for photos for probably an hour or two without me eating anything or really taking a rest. By the end of the shoot I thought I was going to faint and I totally crashed for the rest of the day. Bad, Mariah! Bad. Why can't I seem to learn that lesson properly?

APL and I decided that we would have to assign my bridesmaids very specific tasks at the wedding: (1) make sure I sit down once and a while and (2) make sure I eat. Because I am obviously still incapable of taking care of myself!


Sarah Z said...


~Mariah~ said...

Best maid of honor EVAH! ~;0)

Sarah Z said...

is he the fo sho wedding photographer?

Rebecca said...

I'm just glad we don't have to be assigned the task of holding your dress up while you pee. Although you are one of the few people I would totally do that for* ;)

*In case you are wondering, after making the bride cry, I was exempt from this particular honor at the Wedding From Hell. Now who's the best bridesmaid, huh?

J said...

You look lovely lady. Your happiness (and APL's) is extremely obvious from those photos, and that is what getting married is all about!

Mirela said...

Great pics of a great-looking couple! You guys look so inlove; it's so wonderful to see that. Your wedding pictures will be fantastic! Thanks for sharing with us "strangers" too:)

~Mariah~ said...

Thanks everyone. ~;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh man! My maid of honour had that job too. And let me tell you, I would never have eaten breakfast that day if she hadn't gone to the buffet at the hotel while all the ladies were getting our hair done and gotten me a giant bowl of home fries.

Don't let anyone fool you, Sarah: That job is TOTALLY important. :D

Also, my word verification thingy was "comanic." Uhh... Super apt for wedding planning. :P

~Mariah~ said...

mmmm....giant bowl of home fries....~;o)