Thursday, July 1, 2010

Credit for APL

I keep trying to get people to understand that my diagnosis of RA has affected APL's life just as much as it has affected mine. I know that isn't particularly easy to comprehend, seeing as I'm the one with the pain and the immune system that's going berserk. I'm the one needing to go to the doctor or stab myself with a needle or take 19 medications every four minutes. 

But APL has been there too, holding my hand, every single step of the way. Even though the RA is actually happening in my body, APL and I had a life and a future that changed dramatically with that diagnosis, and it has been equally difficult for APL to adjust to our new life as it has been for me. In some ways, I think it has even been harder for him. I mean, APL is helping me, but who is helping APL? I try, but sometimes I just can't.

Recently, at the Annual Congress of the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), a study was presented that had the same conclusion: partners grieve the RA diagnosis as much as the patients. (I found this study through a post on RA Warrior.)

My point being this: APL deserves a lot of credit, not only for helping me get through this, but also for getting through it himself. He is simply amazing and I am so lucky.