Monday, July 19, 2010

Lipstick, Perfume and Too Many Pills

I have been awarded One Lovely Blog Award, and Nessie said the sweetest thing about this blog:
"Mariah at From This Point. Forward. gets it so spot on all the time that I sometimes feel I should just post links to her blog and call it a night. That’s how awesome she is."
It made me really happy to know that while I use this blog to  try to figure out my own complicated feelings/issues, there are others out there who actually understand what I am going through! It's also good to remember that I'm not alone and that maybe I can help people by talking openly about my RA on this blog.

I am supposed to pass this blog award along, but Nessie already caught most of my favorites in her award list!! Including Helen at Pens & Needles, Skye at Struck at 21 with RA; Coping With It, and Jodi and her Auto Immune Portrait Project. (Jodi and her portrait project, by the way, were recently featured in Arthritis Today, which is very awesome, especially because I think Arthritis Today needs to do a better job of differentiating between OA and RA and recognizing the added difficulties that RA presents). The rest of Nessie's list is probably worth reading too!  In any event, since Nessie's list is so good, instead of passing this award along I'm going to pass it right back to Nessie!! (There are no rules on the interwebs!!! I can do what I want!!!) 

Nessie's blog is called lipstick, perfume and too many pills. I've just started reading it and it is wonderfully written and very insightful. I absolutely love the tagline: "a sick girl's quest for normalcy." Yes! Normal would be very good!! Nessie doesn't have RA, but instead suffers from psoriatic arthritis, often referred to as PSA. However, the treatment of PSA is often similar to treating RA, and from starting to read her blog I can see that she deals with many of the same chronic illness issues that I do.  So I will certainly be following her blog from this point forward!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mariah! I've been surreptitiously reading your blog at work, and it's super amazing. Really, I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for blogs; I think I'd go crazy without the support (and ability to vent, so my poor husband doesn't always get the brunt of it).

~Mariah~ said...

Significant others of people with chronic illnesses NEVER get enough credit. They are amazing. We should start a fan club. ~;o)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes we should. We'll need a catchy name and some kind of slogan. Maybe a theme song.

Skye said...

cool :) I didn't even see this till just now!