Friday, August 27, 2010

Blood Pressure Battle

I have been fighting with my blood pressure for more than a year. Yesterday, the doctor made me bring a month of readings to her and she still determined that my blood pressure was a little too high. She also had me bring in my personal blood pressure machine to make sure it was properly calibrated. For some reason, this required them taking my blood pressure literally fifteen times on at least three different machines and manually. What an exhausting appointment! Conclusion? Still too high, never eat salt, exercise more, take more drugs, and come back in three weeks. ::sigh:: Why is health so exhausting?


Anonymous said...

But by the grace of God that is one thing I do not worry about. If anything, I'm low almost always but especially "for my age" as my doctor says. I just found out my heart appears healthy as well so on that note, i'm blessed. I hope and pray yours comes down. It's more detremental for women to have high Bp. Take care of yourself! Hugs. Tammy

Helen said...

It took ages for me to get mine under control and it's still sometimes too high or too low. I've tried three different drugs, worn numerous 24-hour monitors and had just about every test my doctors could think of, so I know how frustrating this is. (And also, salty food is delicious!) I hope you can find out more at your follow-up appointment.