Thursday, August 19, 2010

Give Yourself A Hand

Hands are amazing. They do so many things for us, every single day, and most of their work is totally unnoticed by us.

Honestly, I never really thought about it myself until my hands started hurting. Even then, I still thought that I do most things with my dominant left hand. I didn't think having a painful right hand, which is my weaker hand, would make a huge difference.

Today I discovered I was wrong. Apparently my right had does a lot for me every day. Here is a list of just some of the things that my "weak" right hand did for me today:
  • typing
  • moving the mouse
  • clicking on the track pad on my laptop
  • texting
  • opening the fridge
  • opening and closing the tupperware
  • popping the top of the milk
  • holding the glass while pouring
  • pulling up my pants
  • pulling down my shirt
  • putting my shoes on
  • putting my hair in a ponytail
  • turning the key in the ignition of the car
  • steering the car
  • moving the gear shift in the car
  • taking the parking break off
  • pressing the button to release my seatbelt
  • changing the song on my iPod
  • unzipping my purse
  • opening a soda can
  • pressing the buttons on the microwave
  • holding the phone to my ear
  • opening the back gate with the sticky handle
  • turning lights on or off
Unfortunately, I realized how much my right hand does for me by having extreme pain in my hand and thumb today. It hurt to do everything on that list, and many more things that used both hands equally. (My really hands hurt today!!!!)

In any event, the moral of the story is this: please be grateful for your hands and take good care of them. They do so much for you and things would be much more difficult without them.


Anonymous said...

You are the fourth person today I visited that has hurting hands. I too am having trouble in my hands. You just sort plow through the pain until it receeds. Then, your thankful for having them back. Your list could be so much longer adding what I can do to it. It makes the times they do work so much more enjoyable doesn't it? Hugs. Tazzy

Nessie said...

Oh man, do I ever know what you mean! My left (and non-dominant) wrist and three fingers have been hurting so much lately that I have to ice them for a couple of hours every day if I want them to be useful at all. I, too, discovered how much it does for me. I'm glad your hands are feeling even a bit better. Stupid arthritis. :P

~Mariah~ said...


(Arthritis is stupid!!)

Hope you're both feeling better!!!