Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Targeted Adverstizing: I Hate You

Only a few moments ago, I was enjoying some soup for lunch and amusing myself by looking at silly things on the interwebs when I was very rudely accosted with this flashing disaster of targeted advertizing:
I have RA and I:
(a) was able to get out of bed more easily
(b) brewed myself a pot of coffee
(c) found a treatment that works for me
(d) all of the above.
 Learn about a treatment option that may help you do more on your own (for moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis)
Oh! Be still my beating heart! This treatment will help me get out of bed AND brew a pot of coffee? Holy shit! My problems are solved! My sadness and frustration over my physical limitations have evaporated! Will the wonders never cease? Who needs grad school or a job or a family or the ability to travel when I can look forward to a life of getting out of bed AND making coffee!!


Rebecca said...

I got out of bed and made coffee once. Worse day of my life.

...that's a true story I just made up right then...

~Mariah~ said...