Friday, November 12, 2010

Dance Monkey Dance

Sometimes, I take my Ambien and for some reason I still can't fall asleep. At the time I feel totally alert and wide awake - and then frustrated that I'm not able to fall asleep. Rather than tossing and turning in bed and waking poor APL up (because he has to get up early for work) I usually try to find some way to distract myself until I feel like I can sleep. 

But sometimes when I wake up the next morning, I find that I'm  totally surprised by what I did the night  before. Occasionally APL and I will have a whole conversation (that he obviously thought I was alert enough to be having at the time) that I won't remember at all in the morning. Sometimes I'll open my book to my bookmark the next night and not remember reading the last two or three chapters. I never got blackout drunk in college (or at any other time, for that matter) but I imagine it feels something like this: apparently I did things that I can't really remember doing. 

This morning when I sat down to check my email, I noticed a bookmark in my toolbar labeled "Dance Monkey."I had no idea what it was, but I was amused that I was obviously alert enough at the time to think "hey, this is a very useful page! I'll add it to my toolbar so I can access it easily in the future, because obviously I will need to access it often!" It wasn't until I checked out the link that I vaguely remembered playing this game last night and getting frustrated that I couldn't pass level 2!

(1) Maybe I had better add Mail Goggles to my email before I Ambien-email some important person with what I think are clear thoughts. Though, seeing as I really am functioning at the time (even APL doesn't notice a difference) I don't know if it will help...

(2) I bet, now that I'm not Ambiened out anymore, I can totally beat level 2!! (Thanks Ambien me. Way to encourage procrastination....)


A said...

I had a friend who would online shop while Ambiened. She always had the treat of discovering what she'd ordered when it arrived a few days later.

Anonymous said...

When I took ambien, I ate the strangest foods at night. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT... mustard and sugar sandwiches etc... strange stuff. But I too would forget conversations we had the night before. It did help to put me to sleep but it was strange. Hugs. Tammy

~Mariah~ said...

A: Hahahaha!! Someone should probably keep me away from the computer after taking my ambien - that sounds like it would not be a good habit for our finances.

TAMMY: Mustard AND sugar?? So bizarre what these drugs do to our bodies!! I'd like to get off them all together - or at least as much as possible - but right before the end of the semester is totally not the tame. Someday, perhaps.