Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jordan and Her Mom

I really do love the interwebs!! In real life, I haven't had too many opportunities to actually meet and talk to people dealing with arthritis or other autoimmune conditions. But, thanks to the magic of the internet, I have "met" dozens of interesting and uplifting people who have helped me on my journey since my diagnosis.

Today I "met" two more - a mother with autoimmune arthritis and her daughter, Jordan, who has JRA. Mom keeps a blog called Living Life AutoImmune, where she talks about her own experiences with arthritis as well as her life as a mom to a child with JRA. Recently she posted a great video of Jordan's "Remicade Day."

Sometimes people say things to me like "now is such a great time to have RA" or "with modern medicine you can live a normal life," but I don't think those people realize that even if you are lucky enough to find a medicine that works, the mere process of dealing with it can still have a huge impact on your life. I think the video does an amazing job of giving the viewer a tiny taste of how much arthritis sufferers go through to manage their diseases. With the permission of Jordan and her mom, I want to share it with you here:

Like me, both Jordan and her mom are fighting to raise awareness that there are multiple forms of arthritis that can affect anyone. Her mom told me that one of Jordan's goals in life is to raise awareness about autoimmune arthritis. I think she is doing a great job so far, because in addition to sharing her story through videos and her mom's blog, Jordan has started her own blog, even though she is only eight years old!! Her blog is called Warrior for JRA and I recommend that you check it out!

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There story is so great!!