Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Surgical Consult

This morning I started out my day by barfing up my breakfast - delightful! (Come on, morning sickness! I thought we were just about done with all of this!!) Then I got in the car and drove to the hospital for the surgical consult on my armpit lump.

I actually thought the lump had gotten smaller, because I can't really see it in the mirror like when I first discovered it, but the surgeon said it was about the same size as when I had the ultrasound done. In any event, it hasn't gotten any bigger - and that's good news. The surgeon said it also felt like a neural tumor to her, which is benign, but of course the only way to be sure is to take it out and look at it under a microscope. 

Unfortunately, it turns out we can't (well, shouldn't) do the surgery until I'm farther into my second trimester. I mean, we could do surgery right now if it were absolutely necessary, but the risk to the baby is a lot higher while his/her organs are still forming. So we're going to wait six weeks and then I'm going to go back and be re-evaluated. If it's still the same, I'll probably have surgery that same week, at which point they feel it will be minimal risk to the baby. 

So let the waiting game begin! Wait to stop barfing up my breakfast. Wait to see what the tumor will do. Wait for possible surgery. Wait to see if my RA will actually go into remission. Wait to see if I'll regain any energy. Wait for the baby....


Stephanie Kay said...

During my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my forehead. I had to wait until after Sam was born before I could have it removed because the drugs weren't safe for him. Waiting is just plain not fun!

KCFitch said...

Lol... Well, no one wants to rush surgery.... So if the little one is giving you an excuse to put it off a little, I say take it!

When I was briefly pregnant (long story that I'm not ready to go into), I also remember being really fatigued. It sucks and I'm sorry that it's hiting you so hard. Make sure you take some time to yourself (while you still can) and get that rest!

~Mariah~ said...

STEPHANIE: Well that sounds significantly scarier! I'm glad it turned out ok!

MOM2LITTLEMISS: Yeah, I'm not particularly wanting to have surgery anyhow. I keep hoping that maybe it will magically go away. ~:o) And as I'm getting out of the first trimester the fatigue seems to be letting up a little bit - plus it seemed to really help when they fixed my thyroid dosage recently. Not to mention that I "work" from home, and it's mostly writing and computer stuff that I can do if/when I'm feeling up to it - so I've got plenty of time to rest! And I intend to take advantage of it while I can!