Monday, January 16, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Well, it has been quite some time since I have been given one of those meme blog awards - but it seems I have just been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by my cousin. My first thought was: what the heck is a "liebster"? 

Well, Merriam Webster and don't know (and, in fact, both asked me if I was actually searching for "lobster). But the meme award defines it this way:

Liebster: “sweetheart, beloved person, darling adj. dear, darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving adj. favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others.”


So here are the rules of this award:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Link back to the Blogger (or Bloggers) who awarded you.
  3. Answer the following questions, down below.  
  4. Pass the award out and recognize other Bloggers letting them know that you love them.
So, first of all, thanks to my lovely cousin Karla over at Beyond the Dryer Vent, who constantly inspires me with her ability to keep being super mom even in the most frustrating of situations.

Ok. On to the questions:

Favorite color: Mine has really always been blue.

Favorite animal: The crazy/bratty one that lives in my house....River!!

Favorite number: 12. The date of my birthday and my water polo cap number in high school.

Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper. I've been trying to give up caffeine for my pregnancy and it hasn't been easy!

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I went to Princeton, so I've been on Facebook pretty much since it was invented (Facebook started at Harvard, then opened to the other Ivy League Schools, then opened to include other universities, then anyone with a .edu email address, and finally the public). Also, I don't really get the point of Twitter.

Passion? These days I guess I'd have to say spreading awareness about living with arthritis - and working with JA kids, who I love!

Getting or giving presents? I like giving, especially when I pick a particularly good one. 

Favorite day: I've always been partial to Thanksgiving. I love the food and when I was growing up my family always used to have a "Day After Thanksgiving Picnic and Bike Ride" where we would spend the day biking and playing outside (yay growing up in California!) and eating leftovers, and we got to see our friends. I hope to bring this tradition back to life with my own family someday. (Also, I guess I'm a cheater because I seemed to have picked two days...)

Favorite flower: Love in the Mist - which I had in my hair and my bouquets and our wedding. I love their interesting shape and how they come in lots of beautiful colors, including blue. 

So those are the question, now for the tagging! Apparently the original rules to this award say you have to tag 10 bloggers who have 20 or fewer followers (how specific!) but I'm going to do like my cousin did and tag just three amazing bloggers: 

I'm going to start with the amazing Meghan at Taking the World By Storm: and doing it with ankylosing spondylitis. Meghan works full time, does graduate school on the internets, and was just diagnosed with AS - but sure isn't going to let that stop her!!! She's even doing a half marathon in February!!

Next I want to give some blog love to Christina over at Curly Bones. I've talked about Christina on this blog before and how awesome I think she is to be bravely sharing her story of trying to start a family while dealing with her JRA. She's super busy having just moved into a new house, but I still want to let her know that I think she's such a sweetheart!

Lastly I would like to give some love to Helen at Pens and Needles, who is bravely attacking law school despite her RA and other health issues (even though I warned her beforehand how hard law school can be!!) Her perseverance continues to inspire me.


Gisela said...

Liebst/er is also the superlative of lieb/er; the equivalent of liebster blog would be "favorite blog." I agree.

~Mariah~ said...

GISELA: You learn something new every day. ~;o) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award, Mariah! I really appreciate it :0) It was wonderful seeing you and Austin and hopefully we'll be able to get together again soon! Just remember... babymoon in DC is an AWESOME idea!

~Mariah~ said...

AKLASICCOMMOTION: It was great to see you too. ~;o)

Christina said...

Thanks for the award! I kinda feel like a looser though, because I'm not really sure who to pass it on to because I haven't spent much time in the blogging world! I guess I'll have to do a little research and find some. :) Thanks again!

~Mariah~ said...

CHRISTINA: These awards can be great tools for finding/connecting to other bloggers, but I wouldn't worry too much about passing it along! Mostly I just wanted to send some love your way! ~:o)