Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bed Rest

If you're having a busy day at work or a rough day at school, I'm sure bed rest must sound pretty awesome. You probably imagine luxuriating in bed all day, eating bon-bons, watching movies, having people bring you food or give you a foot massage. But let me assure you of this: bed rest is really not very much fun. Especially with arthritis.

I have been laying in bed, getting up only to use the bathroom, since I got checked into the hospital on Friday afternoon. So it has only been a few days but all the immobility has already been totally killer on my joints. They pretty much all hurt - which obviously doesn't make laying around all the time very easy or very fun. And, since my OBs want me to primarily lay on my side to increase bloodflow and reduce my blood pressure, my hips are objecting loudly and constantly. Yesterday afternoon I had to resort to some vicodin just to keep laying in the bed. 

Luckily, APL is taking extremely good care of me. He set up my computer next to the guest bed with a trillion movies and TV shows. He also got permission to work half days from home, so he brings me lunch and makes me dinner every day, and having him home limits my need to go up and down the stairs. River is also being extremely good company. She seems to know something is wrong and spends a lot of time laying on the bed with me. She cheers me up immensely. Our friends are also helping out - one brought us a pot roast for dinner on Monday, another took River on a hike yesterday, a third is texting me daily from California to make sure I'm hanging in there. We're very lucky to have such a good support system. 

It still isn't easy. My body hurts a great deal and today I feel like I'm having trouble being entertained by anything, even though I have a million options. I'm really hoping to make it another week on bed rest to give our little guy a bit more time to cook. While of course I want what is best for my baby that is also an overwhelming thought because the joint pain and stiffness seems to increase daily. It's hard to lay around and rest when it hurts to lay there.

But I'm trying to take it a day at a time - an hour at a time if necessary. And, luckily for me, APL will be home soon. And that always makes me feel better.


Melissa said...

OK, I had to leave NetworkedBlogs to be able to comment, but here I am.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard go right now. But, good for you for having such great friends. Do you have much longer to go in the pregnancy? You must be near the end.

Zoƫ said...

That sucks!!!!! But at least you and the baby are ok. I hope that the pain goes down and the the next week is easier then you think it will be.

In the end you will have a little baby to hold and tell all your stories to ( and when they are older you can use this as pressure to get them to do things for you......" do you know I had to lay in bed on my side in tons of pain for you? Would it be to much to ask for you to clean your room?")

I hope the the days go fast.