Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Lego Movie

As I mentioned in my last post, APL recently accepted a new job. On Tuesday he had training for his new job - but it only lasted half a day so he was done with work by noon. OZL was at school, and even though the purpose of sending him to school twice a week is so that I can write, my contract with recently ended and I have not found additional writing work to replace it yet.

So on Tuesday my husband and I found ourselves with an unexpectedly glorious afternoon to spend together with no work to do and no toddler to take care of. And what did we decide to do with our limited grownup time together? We went to see an awesome children's movie!

We both enjoyed The Lego Movie very much - and I'm positive that APL is already counting the seconds until OZL is old enough to truly appreciate the wonderfulness of legos. (Sadly, at 21 months, even duplos are still a bit too advanced for OZL to put together and they do not hold his attention for very long. But as soon as he is ready all the duplos me and my brother and sister ever owned are sitting in our basement playspace!) The movie was very fun, extremely clever, and had some really lovely messages.

After just having seen The Lego Movie, I was even more excited to see this post from a blog called RARainbow (a resource blog for young women living with (Juvenile) Rheumatoid Arthritis). She makes some really good observations about the movie and how it applies to life with a chronic illness. As she points out, in life (as in legos) "the possibilities to create are infinite."

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