Saturday, December 12, 2015

Me. Honestly.

I know I haven't updated much about my life lately lately, and here's why: I've been struggling, and sometimes that leaves me at a loss for words. 

I've been having strange digestive issues since September. I completely lost my appetite and a ton of weight. Doctors discovered I was anemic and suspected internal bleeding. So I've spent the last three months worried about the possibility of cancer or yet another chronic autoimmune disease.

I did get some "good" news from the doctors this week. Turns out I have an infection - a type of bacteria has been attacking the lining of my stomach. Hopefully we can knock it out with some heavy antibiotics, and my fingers are crossed that the immunosuppressants I take for my RA won't make the infection too hard to fight. If the bacteria have caused bleeding ulcers, which is likely, hopefully we can heal those quickly too.

I'm writing this now because I wanted to try to share my authentic self. I want to acknowledge that life/parenting is HARD - especially with health issues. We are ALL struggling with something. And, though it is a challenge for me personally, I am trying to learn that it's ok to reach out for support. 

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A said...

I can't imagine the stress you've been under. I love you so!