Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RA Dietary Supplement Use Questionnaire

I know I've written about this quite a few times in the past, but here we go again: the importance of research. Continuing research is so important for developing future treatment options and improving quality of life for people living with RA. 

I was recently contacted by a researcher at the the University of Arizona with a graduate degree in Nutritional Sciences who is working on a project to find out what medications, vitamins/minerals, botanical supplements, and food/diets people with RA use to manage their symptoms. The information will help researchers determine future research projects surrounding disease management, safety and efficacy of natural treatments/supplements, and potential interactions between medications and supplements. 

She has put together a survey that is competently anonymous and only takes a few minutes to answer - I just did it myself! If you are willing to take a moment to contribute to this research, please click here.