Monday, April 10, 2017

Product Review: Liberty Lotion's Limitless Lotion

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. As stated in my own product review policy, my reviews will always be honest.

LibertyLotion's Limitless Lotion is an all-natural, non-GMO lotion with no artificial preservatives or colors. It is advertised as an effective CBD alternative “for your hard to get pain” that won’t leave a greasy residue or lingering scents. I was intrigued, so I jumped at the opportunity to review this product.

While I will agree that the product doesn’t leave a lingering scent, I do think that the initial scent is quite strong. But while I don’t generally like products with a strong scent, I actually quite enjoyed the smell of Liberty Lotion. As far as I can tell, the scent is mostly lavender, but I think there’s also a hint of something else that I couldn’t quite identify (despite reading the ingredients list). In any event, though I do feel that the scent is a little bit strong – at least at first – instead of finding it overpowering I actually found it very pleasant and relaxing. A bit of aromatherapy too!

As claimed, Liberty Lotion does absorb extremely quickly, so you can put it on and go about your business without having to worry about getting it on clothes or bedding. This does mean, however, that it isn’t a very good option if you are trying to incorporate massage into your pain management routine – unless maybe you used it at the very end of a massage. I will say that a little lotion can go a long way. For me, one or two small pumps was generally enough lotion to cover the area on my body where I wanted to focus. I think the pump is actually a great feature, as it allowed me to get exactly the quantity of lotion I wanted without having to waste any. And the good news is that I didn’t think it was too hard to push with my finger, despite my rheumatoid arthritis.

Of course, the ten-thousand-dollar question is this: does it actually help with pain? To be perfectly honest, there were mixed reviews on this subject in my house. I tried using Liberty Lotion to help with my joint pain, putting the lotion directly on my knees or wrists. I also tried rubbing it on my chest when I was dealing with a particularly bad bout of costochondritis (inflammation of the joint located in the rib cage). I found the experience to be generally relaxing, and overall I think the lotion had a good impact on my skin. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that Liberty Lotion made a huge deal of direct difference in my level of pain. Though, to be fair, I was dealing with rather high levels of pain. This was particularly true with the costochondritis, which I was having trouble controlling even with heavy medication. So that level of pain may have just been too much for any sort of topical treatment.

My husband, on the other hand, has found Liberty Lotion to be very helpful for his low back pain. He’s been asking me to help him rub it on his low back almost every night, and it really does seems to help him be in less pain. Though he does have some issues in his spine, I think a fair amount of his back pain is muscular – which makes me wonder if Liberty Lotion works better on muscle pain than it does on joint pain? All in all, I’m hoping to give Liberty Lotion another try when I am dealing with a less intense level of pain – that is if there’s any left at all when my husband gets done with it!

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Rick Phillips said...

I think ti is possible for something like this to help one person and not another. I bought a great product that I love and it works well for me. For Sheryl? Not a chance.