Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Managing Stress About Giving Your Kids Your Chronic Illness

Raising kids is stressful enough. But parents living with chronic illnesses may face the added concern of passing their own diseases on to their kids. In my newest post for Mango Health, I share my own perspective and the insights of four other moms living with chronic illnesses.

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Rick Phillips said...

I felt this for many years and I honestly can not say what would have happened if one of my children would have been diagnosed with diabetes. Sheryl and I almost did not marry because of diabetes (I proposed and got cold feet because I was scared that Sheryl wanted children). Then once I reconciled to the idea of having children and we had our amazing sons, I worried every day of their lives. now I worry every day of my grandchildren's lives for them.

Now there is something I have learned over these 40+ years. It is something time has taught me and I would never have learned without time. We can wait and worry or we can live and fight. Fighting and living feels one hell of a lot better than waiting and worrying. I hope all parents with chronic illness can know that well before I learned it.