Tuesday, June 27, 2017

RA Blood Type Survey

I'm always looking for opportunities to support research - because research leads to better understanding of diseases which leads to better treatment options which leads to better lives for all of us!

The Scleroderma Education Project is currently working with the University of Wisconsin to attempt to understand if there is any correlation between blood type and autoimmune diseases. The study involves an anonymous survey that is only 2 questions long:

(1) What is your blood type?

(2) What is your country of birth?

To have viable results, they need at least 1,000 participants per disease type. If you've been formally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and would like to participate, you can do so here:

They're also looking for respondents who have been formally diagnosed with:

To participate, you do need to know your blood type. This information should be available in your patient records, particularly if you've had a surgical procedure or a baby.