Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please Knock on Every Piece of Wood Ever

Before reading this post I would really like you to please knock on every piece of wood ever. No, really. Please do it.

Did you? Ok.

Can please you cross your fingers too?

Ok. You may proceed to read:

Plumber Damage Update:
After who knows how many cubic feet of dirt, rock, mud, and water were removed from the hole in our front yard, the sewer line in question was finally uncovered. It was then determined that the pipe had been destroyed by a tree root. And the HOA is responsible for trees and their roots.

So....it looks like the HOA will have to cover the costs of "Sewerpocalypse 2009." Which means that technically APL & I are still paying for it, but we'll get to split the costs with the other 100 owners in our complex. Which makes it much more affordable and less horrible.

I'm afraid to even feel happy about it, lest I do something to pop this small luck bubble.

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J said...

If you would like an amusing read on life among academics - I would recommend Straight Man by Richard Russo. I seriously LOLd reading this today on a plane ride back from a conference.