Monday, November 9, 2009

Vodka O'Clock

Plumber Damage Update: After an expensive camera operation, it has been determined that the collapse is in the sewer pipe "somewhere near" where our line attaches to the main line. If the problem turns out to be with the main line itself, the HOA will cover at least some of the costs. If the problem turns out to be fully on our line, looks like we'll be responsible for the whole cost. The only way to find out is to dig. Did I mention that the problem is nine feet underground?

Estimated cost to start this operation? $5,000.

I think APL sumed it up best when he said: "Pursuant to how this day has turned out, I may have vodka for dinner."

While I know it's less than healthy to solve your problems by drinking, I can't help feeling like APL is right. I mean, at least that glass will be half full.

1 comment:

A said...

I've had those days! I figure as long as it isn't EVERY day, then you're ok. And a $5K day definitely qualifies as "one of those days."

B & I are falling back on the couch and moaning in pain on your behalf. :( here's hoping it's ALL on the city's line.