Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sticking With Syringes

Last time I picked up my refill of Enbrel, the pharmacy mistakenly gave me syringes instead of auto-injectors. I was not pleased. But, nevertheless, today I decided to request syringes instead of auto-injectors. 

Though using a syringe initially gave me the jibblies (jibblies: it's a technical term), over the past four weeks of I have gotten over my fear of injecting myself with a needle and concluded that the syringes are actually less painful than the auto-injectors. And, because I am the one actually pushing the plunger (hence I am the one in control), the injection with the syringe doesn't feel like such an eternity compared to the auto-injector - even if it actually takes the same amount of time.
So that's the news update for today: I am now using syringes. By choice. (Updates on spring break soon, I promise!)


Laurie Grassi said...

Jibblies – I like it! Very technical indeed!

And you are one brave woman!! Way to go on the syringe/injecting yourself front. I'm feeling like my injections are getting routine now, which is a great feeling, considering how momentous they felt just weeks ago. Just a part of life...sigh.

Enjoy the rest of your week. :) L

J said...

jibblies actually is listed in my Dictionary of Important Medical Terminology below "heebie jeebies". You are taking control of your RA - in every sense of the word :-) Very inspiring!

~kelly marie~ said...

You are a bad ass. Way to rock the syringes!

Unknown said...

I'm impressed. There is no way in Hell I could do the syringes. I can't even look when they do blood work. I couldn't even look at the syringes. I'm a big wuss.


You freakin' Rock!!

is what I am tryin' to say!

Skye said...

That's awesome :) so far i've only had 2 injections using the auto injector but it doesn't hurt me so i'll stick with it! I'd be too afraid to even try a syringe lol.

~Mariah~ said...

LAURIE & JOANNA: I do believe jibblies is located right next to heebie jeebies in the medical textbook. ~;o)

KELLY, EMILY, SKYE: Thanks, ladies. I didn't think I could do it either. But I did. And you know what? It wasn't even that bad. You could do it too if you had to!! ~;o)