Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Everyday Victories

Sometimes it seems like RA soreness and fatigue can make even the smallest everyday activities seem like a huge mountain to climb. I recently made the New Year's resolution to make sure my first baby - my dog River - gets enough exercise. This means that every day I have to bundle up OZL, load him into the stroller, and get all of us out the door for a walk. And while sometimes this seems next to impossible I'm really doing my best to do it every single day.

Today we walked for a mile and a half. It's a little victory, but it got me and River some much-needed exercise and raised $1 for the Arthritis Foundation when I submitted it to Everyday Victories! If you have an "everyday victory" you should submit it too! For every victory submitted, UCB (a biopharma company) will donate $1 to the Arthritis Foundation until $30,000 is raised.

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Mandy said...

ive nominated you for the Sunshine Award!