Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Speaking of "specialty" pharmacies, guess who called me this morning? CVS Specialty Pharmacy. The pharmacy responsible for this nonsense. The pharmacy that almost ruined my Christmas. The pharmacy I stopped ordering my Enbrel from over three months (and two specialty pharmacies) ago.

It was a voicemail with an automated call to remind me that I needed to order a refill. I was changing OZL at the time, so I had to call them back to ask them to please take me off their call list, which I had already attempted once with no success.

This time I at least talked to a human who actually apologized and assured me I wouldn't be getting any more calls. So hopefully that is the end but ughhhhhhhh. What a pain in the butt!! Why oh why can't I just go down the street to my regular pharmacy for my Enbrel?!?!?

In all fairness to specialty pharmacies, there is one that I actually had a great experience with. Wallgreens Specialty pharmacy did a very efficient job getting information from me and then simply proceeded to deliver my Enbrel every month without me even having to call them. The Enbrel just arrived, on time, every month. So if you've got the choice go with Wallgreens! And I only had one delivery from CuraScript but they weren't bad either. Though, now that I think of it, I vaguely remember getting an automated voicemail from them recently as well. So I guess I need to get in touch with them to get off their call list also.

So, in conclusion, specialty pharmacies = ughhhhhhh!

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