Monday, February 11, 2013

More Pharmacy Nonsense

After my last, ahem, "special" experience with the CVS Specialty Pharmacy, I called my insurance to find out what my other options were. I chose another pharmacy who very efficiently collected my information, spoke with my doctor, scheduled a delivery, and actually delivered it. On time. I'm very happy with them so far.

A few days after my refill was delivered, I started getting automated calls from CVS reminding me that I needed to order a refill (how timely!). This morning I finally decided to pick up the call so I could tell them to please stop calling me. Ever again.

Here's how that went:
CVS: This is an automated call from CVS Specialty Pharmacy. Is this Mariah or her authorized caregiver? Say yes or no.

Me: Yes.

CVS: Our records indicate that you need a refill of your prescription.

(Me Thinking: Yeah. Duh. It's already in my fridge no thanks to you guys)

CVS: If you have time and would like to speak to one of our customer service specialists, please say yes.

Me: Yes.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

CVS: We are unable to answer your call at this time. Please call us back later.

I'm sorry but you called me!!!! Wow. Just wow. So glad I've moved on from dealing with that particular form of pharmacy nonsense.

(P.S. Please enjoy the slightly unrelated picture of my son in the bath. I chose it because that's pretty much the face I made after CVS called me and then hung up on me)


Melissa said...

So glad I don't have to deal with CVS!

The pic of your son made me laugh. :)

Stephanie Kay said...

I've yet to find a "specialty" pharmacy that I enjoyed dealing with. They are all annoying. I wish the insurance companies would just let us deal with our local pharmacies where real people can work for you!