Monday, October 27, 2014

Methotrexate: The Results - Day 2

Unfortunately, I'm still feeling horribly nauseous this morning. While I did remember that methotrexate has the potential to cause nausea (though I don't feel like it really did last time?) I couldn't quite remember what I am supposed to do about it. I emailed my rheumatologist, but he hasn't responded yet. So this prompted me to take a highly unrecommended action - I googled it.

Turns out methotrexate makes you feel nauseous not by irritating your stomach but by stimulating a receptor in the brain that causes nausea. And what can be done about it? (1) Take a folic acid supplement. (2) Ask your doctor for a prescription for zofran. 

So.....It's like being first trimester pregnant. Forever?

All I can say is that I hope after a few doses the benefits begin to outweigh this nasty side effect. Because right now all I can think is: I made the horribly difficult decision to stop breastfeeding my baby....for this?!?! 

I feel pretty discouraged right now.


A said...

Oh M! I'm so so so sorry. I hope he emails you back asap.

Four Lease Ranch said...

Did your doc put you on folic acid? If not, ask him! It will definitely help.

Eileen said...

If you are on mtx you should automatically have been given folic acid to prevent mouth ulcers if nothing else. There are other medications that help the nausea too - you need to take them BEFORE the nausea starts, they don't work as well if you wait until you feel sick and then take them. It took my husband a LONG time to register that little fact!