Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nemo & Me (and the IV)

I went for my second Remicade treatment today. I sat, all by myself, hooked to the IV and the blood pressure monitor and the pulse monitor for about three hours. It wasn’t so bad. I considered trying to get some schoolwork done while I was there, but then I re-considered and watched Finding Nemo on my laptop instead.

At the beginning of the treatment my rheumatologist came by to check on me. He examined each of my joints for swelling and pain and said he thought he could feel improvement in them. Honestly I’ve been feeling so upset and frustrated lately that I’m not sure I can say I’ve witnessed any improvement, but I guess it’s a good sign that the doctor thinks I’m improving.

I feel pretty ok right now except that I am really tired. But I can’t tell if it is the medicine making me tired or the fact that, for some reason, I hardly slept at all last night. Needless to say I’m grateful this week is coming to an end. Getting through classes and attempting schoolwork this week has been particularly hard. While I’m freaked out about the weeks disappearing without me getting enough schoolwork done, I’m also really grateful for the weekends when I feel like I can take things a little slower.


~kelly marie~ said...

I have had some of your other entries up on my computer to write to them for a while now, but time keeps disappearing on me! I will get to them soon :). I just had to write because I had my B12 shot today. Nothing like your remicade treatment, but it's nice to think we both sat around with needles in our arms at around the same time today. Well, I don't know about nice, but well ... kind of cool :). I am glad you will be able to sit down for some rest this weekend. It will be great for you!

A said...

So glad Nemo is a bright spot for you, and that the drs are feeling/seeing good things. Forward and onward, sweetie! I think you're doing a fabulous job with this "one day at a time" gig. I miss you and the rice monster and the mac genius and river. :)

~Mariah~ said...

Kelly: Don't worry about it - I know ALL about time disappearing!! And yay for hippie woo-woo needle uniting! (And/or gross.) ~;o) But hopefully we both got something our crazy bodies needed!

A: What? You don't miss little Lampy? ~;o)