Thursday, October 9, 2008


Remember how I went through all that trouble to work up the courage to tell my friends and family about this blog? And how that was sort of a big deal for me? Well, I guess I didn’t realize that if your blog goes from being a semi-private diary read only by your boyfriend and one college roommate to an interactive blog that people are actually clicking and commenting on in a single day, that gives your blog the characteristics of a spam blog. So, while I was delighted to receive some comments on my previous posts, I was less than delighted when I visited my own blog and received the following message:

“This blog is currently under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations.”

Huh? I’ve violated Blogger Terms of Service by sharing difficult emotions with my friends and family? Actually having people read my blog makes me look like a spammer? I seriously apologize to any friends or family who followed the link I sent them only to get that message. It’s sort of embarrassing, to be honest.

And I have to admit that I was even less delighted to discover that the “possible violation” led to my blog being locked for two days – meaning that I was unable to publish any posts during that time. Unfortunately, I feel like the momentum I had going, which wasn’t easy to come by in the first place, has sort of been lost. I was just starting to get into a habit where I was writing stuff down that was troubling me when I had my venue blocked for a couple of days for no apparent reason. It was pretty frustrating.

So, if you still happen to be reading this, please bear with me while I see if I can make this work again.


A said...

You can do it! I saw that weird thing, but it had a disclaimer for us that read, "if you know this person, it's fine to click continue."
Oddly enough, my blog (only days after I started it) got the same message. I like how they try to be nice about it, saying "if you're reading this, you clearly aren't a computer, so you probably aren't spam. Give us a few days and we'll get it taken care of." But still frustrating!!
Back in the groove, sweet girl. I miss hearing your thoughts. (Um, and love your photo of Spam--do you know it comes in single-serving packets?)

J said...

haha, obviously you're not (and my conspiracy theorist side is now thinking "oh crap i hope i didn't somehow actually make this worse being an a-hole").
that being said - uber-lame.

~kelly marie~ said...

I'm so sorry that this happened. Boo on blogger. May they have to eat spam for every meal for a week.
I hope you are able to get back to writing, but of course, do it on your own time. We'll all be here when you want to start again. :)

~Mariah~ said...

Thank you for all your support, girls! Knowing you would be there when I finally managed to make the words come out again was a big help.