Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Chicken Or The Egg

In addition to the emotional ups and downs I’ve been having lately (ok, perhaps mostly downs), I feel like I’ve had a little bit of a physical setback too. My hands and feet have been hurting for a couple of weeks. Perhaps not as much as they were hurting when I first got diagnosed, but more than they were hurting a month or so ago. So it feels a little like going backwards towards pain instead of forward away from it.

It’s a really frustrating kind of pain because it isn’t exactly what you would call horrible. I can still basically do everything I want to do, and it isn’t enough pain to make me call the doctor and complain when I am going to be seeing him pretty soon anyhow. But it is sort of a constant ache that makes doing things rather less pleasant than they would otherwise be. Which is unfortunate, because it sort of puts a damper on all of the activities I have thought of to cheer up my mood. Working on my gluten-free blog for too long hurts my hands. Trying to hike or walk to get my body more active and feeling better hurts my feet. And when I try to cook, my hands end up hurting from the chopping, stirring, and mixing.

It’s sort of the chicken or the egg thing. I don’t know which came first – the extra hurting in my hands and feet or the sad and discouraged feeling I’ve been moving in and out of for a couple of weeks now. Either way, the two problems seem to sort of reinforce each other and I’m not sure how to break the cycle.

I’d like the chicken and the egg to go away now please!!!


KCFitch said...

That's the time of year for you... with the weather getting cold and then warmer and then cold again, it seems like all those little aches get amplified -- which totally sucks b/c it's finally nice enough to be outside doing something. But it won't be long until the cold goes away and you can get back to doing what makes you happy. Big *achy* hug for ya!

~Mariah~ said...

Do you really find that changes in the weather make a difference? It has certainly been warmer lately (it was like gorgeous and 70 yesterday) but this winter really hasn't been that cold. Honestly, I'm so sick of thinking about what makes things better/worse/equal and evaluating how I feel that I don't think I can tell anymore. I just feel blah. ~;o(

But thanks for the hugs. Every little bit helps. Honestly. ~;o)

KCFitch said...

For me at least, weather is huge. The worst days aren't the really cold ones though... the worst days are like the ones we've been having recently in Ohio -- 35-45 degrees and kind of damp. Ow. This morning I didn't even want to get out of bed :-(

On the bright side, I finally got a barn for MyFarm!

~kelly marie~ said...

You just put into words what I've felt for years. You should write a book, you describe all of these feelings so well. I hope that the chicken and egg have gone away.