Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living Life With RA

Recently, the author of the blog Living Life With RA emailed me to say that she has enjoyed reading my blog. Now I've started reading hers and I'd like to return the compliment!

Living Life With RA is a blog that provides information and resources for, well, living life with RA. But its more than health info: she also provides personal stories and anecdotes about her own experiences with RA. For example, she recently got back on the ski slopes, something I'm hoping to be able to do again someday! So you're almost certain to find some hope in the blog as well.

I also love her motto: "Rheumatoid arthritis...a speed bump, not a road block."

Living Life With RA has been added to the RA Resources menu on this blog and I will certainly be following it from this point forward.

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