Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sunshine Award!!

Despite my recent ranting and complaining, I was really pleased this morning to get a note from my cousin that she had given me the Sunshine Award on her blog. Guess I am maintaining my goal to be (more or less) optimistic on this blog! Everyone deserves a rant once and a while, right? ~;o) So thank you, KF, for adding some sunshine to my life today! It's been a bit gray in Boulder and the past two weeks or so have been a bit rough, so it was a nice surprise for me.

The Sunshine Award is one of those blog awards that is perpetuated by its winners. So below is my list of blogs that add a little sunshine to my day. As you can see, my cousin and I have more in common than RA - namely the insane desire to be ridiculously organized. So, as my cousin did, my favorite blogs are broken into categories.

First, and most relevant to this blog, my favorite blogs about RA and adjusting to life with an autoimmune disease:

Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior
Who, to be fair, helped provoke my rant this week!! ~;o) Like I said, everyone deserves a rant once and a while!!

The Single Gal's Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis
I discovered this blog through the NYT feature on RA. Lots of her posts leads to features she writes for, which is also a great database of RA info.

Jodi McKee Photography
Who's awesome autoimmune portrait project seeks to make invisible autoimmune diseases more visible. If you're ever in Colorado, Jodi, please look me up!!

Living Life with RA

I also thought I'd give a shout-out to a fellow blogger who contacted me recently to tell me that she has enjoyed reading my blog. I have just started reading hers and I like her outlook on RA already!
Second, since getting engaged I have been shamelessly enjoying the gorgeous pictures on the following wedding blogs. I don't usually actually read these blogs, but scrolling through the pictures always adds a little sunshine to my day:
Last, since I'm supposed to give out 12 awards, the rest of these are just for laughs:
I wouldn't recommend clicking any of those links unless you've got some time to kill.

For those of you who received the Sunshine Award from me, passing along the award is obviously optional. Mostly, I just wanted to give you all a shout out for the sunshine, hope, and help you bring to my life. If you do decide to pass the sunshine along, here's the general idea:
  • Put the logo on your blog or within your post.
  • Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
  • Link the nominees within your post.
  • Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award