Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eight Happys

I realize that I have been a total grump in my last four blog posts. I'm not going to lie: it's been a little bit rough for me lately. 

But, to make up for my extreme grumpiness and try to get back to my spirit of optimism, here are eight things that make me happy today: 

(1) Please perform every anti-jinx superstition you know: I think that I might be feeling a little less exhausted today. Fingers crossed for improvement.

(2) Lots of people are wearing green today for St. Patrick's Day. Thanks to APL, I wear green every day.

(3) My newest form of procrastination makes me extremely happy. The very happiest times of my life have been on the road with APL. 

(4) I get to be on the road with APL again tomorrow! We're leaving for California first thing tomorrow morning. 

(5) I get to spend the next  week in the beautiful place where we'll have our wedding: APL's parent's property in Groveland, California.

(6) I get to spend the upcoming weekend with APL, both of my siblings, my best friend, and the people they love. 

(7) I get to spend the following weekend with APL and both of our parents doing a few  fun preliminary wedding planning things.

(8) On Saturday, we'll be in Yosemite National Park, which may be my favorite place on earth.   

Today, I feel happy. ~;o)


Helen said...

Great list! It sounds like you're going to be having lots of fun over the next few weeks.

My last few posts have been grumpy, too. Thanks for the reminder that there are still lots of things to be happy and excited about.

~kelly marie~ said...

Awww! I love this list! Thanks for making me smile!

chris said...

Coming back to California always made me very happy.

And this post is more than just a little happy. It is dripping with joy.

Laurie Grassi said...

So many happy things, which is great! May there be many more in the days ahead! :) L

P.S. My word verification word was stsmint, which is appropriate on St. Patrick's Day, I think!

J said...

Now I have another blog to stalk of yours: the NPS one. You know I love America's greatest export!

Unknown said...


~Mariah~ said...

Eight happys followed by six comments!! Not bad!!

Thanks, everyone, for your comments. It really does make my day to hear from you guys. ~;o) It means a lot to me.